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Find Your Quiet on a Hebridean Sea Safari worth £25,000
featured on BBC2's Amazing Hotels of the World

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Find Your Quiet on a Hebridean Sea Safari worth £25,000
featured on BBC2's Amazing Hotels of the World

Find Your Quiet

Quiet Mark technically assesses and certifies the quietest solutions to unwanted noise

Finding Quiet is Powerful

In a troubled world finding your quiet every day is powerful and necessary to navigate the times. One of the antidotes to anxiety, stress and uncertainties can be found in the Quiet.

Creating in quietness helps you experience peace and wonder even in the eye of the storm. In the Quiet we find common sense solutions, comfort and clarity, as fears melt away. Ask questions there, and the answers will come.

Here, featured recording artists Hattie Webb and Andrea Resce find their Quiet in their creative way, an invitation, or reminder to find yours, to clear schedules, to reconnect in the Quiet.

Quiet Mark believes in the extraordinary benefits of communion within the beauty of our natural world. Together we hope to inspire you to find your way of prioritising your quiet time every day.

Join us and the Quiet Revolution, stay connected to valuable insights, with the chance to experience a breathtaking Scottish Hebridean Sea Safari adventure of a lifetime.

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Look for the Quiet Mark

Quiet Mark Certification is here to empower everyone to find more Quiet in our lives.

Through rigorous scientific testing and assessment, Quiet Mark identifies for you the quietest products in multiple categories spanning many sectors, including home appliances and technology, building sector materials and commercial sector products, the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation (est.1959)

The easily identifiable Quiet Mark with free certified product online directory provides you with reliable, independent expert information about the sound products make and approved noise reduction solutions before you purchase. By joining the Quiet Mark movement together we further encourage manufacturing worldwide to prioritise responsible acoustic design to reduce noise pollution.

Watch the Find Your Quiet TV Ident Films

Filmed across several stunning land and seascapes of the West Coast of Scotland, each carried by original music scores composed by featured recording artists Hattie Webb & Andrea Resce, our adventorous vignettes call to find your very own way of doing Quiet.

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Quiet is Needed More Than Ever Before

Noise is classified as unwanted sound. Noise pollution today ranks by the World Health Organisation as the world’s largest killer pollutant after air pollution. The damaging effect of excessive noise is often seriously underestimated. Unhealthy noise affects our brain waves, heart rate, hormone secretion, all our physical rhythms.

In our fast-paced lives, vibrancy is exciting, but in a world of constant noise, stimulation and digital overload, finding space to reconnect with quiet is more critical than ever. By choosing quieter technology and effective acoustic solutions you create a peaceful environment to rebalance well-being at home, work and in every living space.

The Quiet Mark UK National Noise Report 2023 of all regions and age groups includes:
- 84% of Brits say it's important to have quiet time to recharge themselves.
- 63% say they’ve eaten at a restaurant that they felt was too loud.
- 82% of UK consumers say it matters how loud an appliance is when buying one.
- 78% of Brits say it’s important they get quiet time as parents with young children.

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Decreasing stress levels

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Increasing productivity

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Improving relationships

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Soothing our sleep

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Helping health recovery

Find inspiration

Bring Peace into your Home

From vacuum cleaners to coffee grinders, lawnmowers to flooring, Quiet Mark helps you live quietly, and live well.

Find Your Quiet Prize Draw

For the chance to experience an epic 5-star Hebridean Sea Safari adventure on the West Coast of Scotland, valued at over £25,000, curated by hosts Glenapp Castle Hotel, as featured on BBC2’s Amazing Hotels of the World, simply join the Find Your Quiet campaign newsletter.

Over 4 days and 4 nights up to 4 guests will be guided by professional crew through the Scottish Isles’ rugged beauty by a marine biologist; encountering bountiful wild sea and bird life by day, swapping stories glamping in a luxurious tent camp under sparkling sky by night cooked for by a personal chef, including 2 nights at Glenapp Castle, 2 nights on Safari, full-board, return flights included with airport transfers from anywhere in the U.K. Read the Terms and Conditions here.

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How to Cultivate Quiet

At Home

Your home is your sanctuary, your place to breathe again, to shed the stresses of the day.

Quiet means something different to everyone. For some, it's the murmur of family talking in the next room; for others, it’s the soft sizzle of a meal being prepared for friends. The heart of every home can be made more peaceful with a carefully curated selection of home appliances and materials that work together to minimise noise and maximise peace.

At Work

Nearly one-third of your life is spent at work. As the separation between work and home becomes increasingly blurred, so too does our ability to disconnect from external pressures.

Thoughtful design and purchasing decisions, from acoustic office appliances and furniture to computer accessories, can help restore this balance and boost our concentration and productivity - at home and in the office.

In Nature

Unhealthy noise equally affects the natural world around us. Responsible technology works in harmony with the nature, not against it.

Both manufacturers and consumers now design and demand technology - like garden tools and lawnmowers - that elevate our ability to engage with the world outside, not drown it out.

In Design

Acoustic design is at the heart of building with quiet in mind. The materials you choose become the very foundation for peaceful living.

Whether you’re a designer, architect, homeowner or developer, selecting building materials that prioritise noise reduction is the first, and often most important, step. To discover more about acoustic design across a range of applications, visit Quiet Mark’s Acoustic Academy.

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